Support Opportunities

Support Opportunities

The Global Conference on Inland Fisheries is being generously supported by Michigan State University and FAO, but further support is welcome to help ensure the achievement of the conference goals. For example, travel support for more than 30 percent of attendees likely will be needed in order to guarantee adequate representation from developing nations. Additional support will make it easier to recruit experts who can contribute valuable knowledge and opinions, regardless of their institutions’ often limited travel budgets. In order to facilitate such support, Michigan State University is administering a special fund to receive grants and donations for the Global Conference on Inland Fisheries. Additionally, sponsors for an off-site networking event are welcome.


The Global Conference on Inland Fisheries will be a high-visibility international event resulting in widely distributed policy recommendations and results. Long-lasting implications for inland fisheries management and research, water management and use, food security and nutrition, and international development efforts worldwide are expected.

All support will be recognized on the conference website and in social media, the on-site program book, and resulting publications.

Contact Bill Taylor at MSU at for information about how to contribute financially to this event.