Drivers and Synergies


The Drivers and Synergies theme panel chair is Anthony Cox from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (Paris). Doug Beard of the U.S. Geological Survey (Virginia) and Abby Lynch of Michigan State University are acting as panel facilitators.

What are the drivers and synergies with other resource sectors? Inland fisheries are one of many ecosystems services provided by freshwater systems. Many sectors outside of fisheries, such as power generation, transportation, agriculture, industrial/human water use, tourism, and recreation, influence management and allocation decisions for freshwater systems and also affect the quality and magnitude of fish production. Management of sustainable freshwater systems requires making informed choices emphasizing those services that will provide sustainable benefits for humans while maintaining well-functioning ecological systems. The goal of this theme is to explore the drivers influencing inland ecosystems and their impact on the services provided by freshwater systems. This theme will identify conflicts between the services that can be addressed to increase societal gain, such as food production and poverty alleviation while maintaining ecological integrity and allowing for the protection of aquatic biodiversity. If accounting for synergies in freshwater systems is made, development of aquatic habitat rehabilitation and protection programs, environmental flow regimes, or other management approaches can allow more sustainable production of ecosystem services across multiple sectors.  These more ecologically and socially sustainable approaches, ultimately, will improve the health, well-being, and prosperity of fisheries-dependent communities.

Locations for first authors of Drivers and Synergies theme presentations

Locations for first authors of Drivers and Synergies theme presentations

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